Lolminer 1.0 alpha 2 - improved hashrate by 10% for the Cuckaroo29m algorithm. Added Beamhash3 algorithm.

lolminer cuckaroo29m beamhash3The alpha version of Lolminer 1.0 for AMD video cards has become available on GitHub, which improves the performance of these video cards using the Cuckraoo29M (GRIN29) mining algorithm by 10%. Interaction with pools has also been improved, due to which the displayed hash rate on the pool also increases by 2-3%. The hashrate of the video cards based on the Cuckaroo29m algorithm: RX580 - 2.95 G/s, RX5700 - 4.2 G/s, Vega 56 - 5.0 G/s, Vega 64 - 5.8 G/s, Radeon 7 - 8, 05 G/s. Because This is an alpha version, so the miner may not work stably. The BeamHash3 algorithm has also been added, to which the Beam cryptocurrency will switch on June 28, 2020.