Hellminer 0.5 and NHEqMiner VerusHash 0.8.1 - support VerusHash 2.2 VerusCoin cryptocurrency

veruscoin mining cpu hellminerOn June 14, Veruscoin cryptocurrency updated its VerusHash mining algorithm to version 2.2. VerusHash 2.2 support is provided by two miners Hellminer version 0.5 and NHEqMiner Verushash 0.8.1. VerusHash algorithm is designed for mining on CPUs supporting AVX2 technology. Processors without AVX2 will show a much worse hashrate or will not work at all. On the updated version 2.2 algorithm, processors will show a close hashrate with what was on the previous version 2.1 of the Verushash algorithm. Hashrates of processors based on Verushash 2.1 mining algorithm:

Intel i9-7900X (18 threads): 20.00MH/s
Intel i7-8700K (10 threads): 12.50MH/s
Intel i7-6700K (6 threads): 6.50MH/s
Intel i7-4170HQ (5 threads): 4.60MH/s
Intel i7-5500U (3 threads): 2.45MH/s
Intel i5-8600K (6 threads): 10.45MH/s
Intel i5-5200U (2 threads): 1.50MH/s
Intel i3-8100 (4 threads): 5.00MH/s
Intel i3-7100 (3 threads): 3.50MH/s

Dual Xeon E5-2697v2 (46 threads): 27.77MH/s
Dual Xeon E5-2620v2 (20 threads): 10.50MH/s

AMD ThreadRipper 3990X (4.1GHz OC) (128 threads): 168.00MH/s
AMD ThreadRipper 2990WX (63 threads): 72.00MH/s
AMD ThreadRipper 2970WX (47 threads): 62.00MH/s

AMD Opteron 6276 (31 threads): 15.62 MH/s

AMD Ryzen 3970X (49 threads): 57.00MH/s
AMD Ryzen 3950X (32 threads): 41.00MH/s
AMD Ryzen 3900X (24 threads): 31.10MH/s
AMD Ryzen 3800X (?? threads): 22.00MH/s
AMD Ryzen 2700X (14 threads): 16.00MH/s
AMD Ryzen 2700 (15 threads): 16.00MH/s
AMD Ryzen 1600 (10 threads): 11.00MH/s

AMD A10 (4 threads): 3.50MH/s