CER.Live - rating of cryptocurrency exchanges for security

cer.live rating of cryptocurrency exchanges for securityAnother heightened interest in cryptocurrencies in 2021 woke up not only among traders and miners, but also hackers, who every day come up with and implement new attack schemes on your cryptocurrency savings. If only you are responsible for storing cryptocurrency on your own computer or smartphone, then when using an exchange to sell or exchange cryptocurrency, you trust your Bitcoins, Ethers to the other party, and how they relate to the security of storing your funds is also not an unimportant factor when choosing one or another exchange ... Because It is rather difficult, if not impossible, to assess the security of a cryptocurrency exchange for yourself, then a specialized service CER.live comes to the rescue, which evaluates the security of 300 well-known cryptocurrency exchanges using its own method.

Of the entire presented list of cryptocurrency exchanges, only 91 exchanges have security certification from CER.live.

The safety rating is compiled according to 4 parameters:

  • Server security
  • User security
  • Penetration test
  • Bug bounty program

For each of the points, the exchange can get the maximum 2.5 points, i.e. the maximum security score of the exchange will be 10 points.CER.live rating score

To date, the top 3 safest cryptocurrency exchanges look like this:

  1. Big.one   9,87
  2. Bithumb 9,81
  3. Whitebit 9.71

The most popular exchange Binance.com is ranked 8th with a score of 9.35 points, and its American daughter Binance US is rated slightly higher at 9.63 points, which corresponds to 5th place.

cryptocurrency market rating sefaty

Only HotBit got into the top 10 of the old trust cryptocurrency exchanges, while the rest, although they received a certification mark, have a much lower score for security.

12 CoinBase

13 Bitmex

19 Kraken

20 NiceHash

21 Bitfinex

28 BitStamp

29 Bittrex

31 Poloniex

62 Exmo

77 Yobit

DEX security rating

In addition to traditional cryptocurrency exchanges, the service provides a security rating for decentralized exchanges or DEX. The first place in this rating is, as expected, the Uniswap exchange

cer.live dex market rating


Conclusion: With the help of the CER.live service, you can now choose a cryptocurrency exchange not only in terms of popularity and functionality, but also in terms of security, which also plays an important role in the process of choosing a cryptocurrency exchange on which you plan to keep significant amounts for yourself.