NBminer 39.0 - LHR Mining Protection Hacked

nbminer lhr hackThe latest version of NBminer 39.0 implements the function of increasing the hash rate for Nvidia video cards with built-in protection against LHR mining. LHR, recall, is the Lite Hash Rate due to which the hash rate of video cards based on the Dagger Hashimoto algorithm drops by 2 times. Unfortunately, NBminer 39.0 does not fully unlock video cards, but only 70% of their maximum capabilities. Those. if the RTX 3080 video card without LHR shows 100Mh/s, and with LHR 50Mh/s, then using the new version of NBminer on the RTX 3080 LHR video card you can get 70MH/s. With the inclusion of the function of bypassing the LHR restrictions, an increased power consumption of video cards is noted, which may be due to the replacement of previously used mathematical functions in the miner code with less efficient solutions, which increases the load on the GPU, but at the same time allows to partially bypass the hardware limitations in the mining of Geforce RTX 3000 video cards. You can download the latest version of NBminer on GitHub. P.S. We are waiting for the inevitable increase in the cost of video cards with LHR.