Binance received a verification code in a text message. What is it?

A confirmation code came in the sms message

Binance is the largest and most famous exchange where cryptocurrencies are traded (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Doge Coin and others). If you receive an SMS on behalf of this exchange with a certain confirmation code, then depending on whether you were registered in it or not, you will need to react to such messages. If this is your first time hearing about Binance and cryptocurrencies in general, then simply ignore this message and you can add this number to the blacklist to be sure. Because it's either just someone made a mistake with the number when registering on the Binance exchange or it's a hidden advertisement for you to go to this site out of curiosity and register to buy bitcoins.

Messages from Binance looks something like this:

Bincoin sms verification code


If you have already registered with Binance and you did not initiate the receipt of verification codes yourself, then you should pay close attention to this.

Such messages for registered users may come in the following cases:

  • Mistakes in the Binance site, which unfortunately is not uncommon
  • Attempts to hack your account
  • Fishing with a fake link to the Binance website

In any of these cases, it is better to insure and check your computer, smartphone for viruses and change passwords for Binance and email, which was used to register on the exchange. Also enable two-factor verification from Google, if it has not been activated yet.

Check API in your account, if they are enabled, remove them urgently, because API allows you to withdraw cryptocurrency without confirmation by mail and sms.

Important!!! NEVER follow the links in SMS or email, because they can be Fishing links (links to similar sites where they steal all your passwords and get access to your account and your money).


Cryptocurrency today is not only a chance to make a fortune, but also to lose all crypto-savings due to hacker attacks, which every year, with the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, become more and more sophisticated. And in order not to become another victim of hackers, you need to keep "digital purity" and be extremely careful on the Internet. If you don't care about your digital security, even the most secure wallets and exchanges won't help you to keep your bitcoins.