TON.Place is a social network from the creators of TON cryptocurrency

ton place is a social network with a subscription

TON, a cryptocurrency affiliated with the Telegram messenger, launched last summer, continues to develop services for using its cryptocurrency. One such area is the social network TON.Place, which offers the possibility of paid subscriptions to content similar to OnlyFans and Patreon. Unlike these services, in TON.Place it is possible to make paid access to individual messages and at different prices. All payments are made using the TON cryptocurrency. Also available affiliate program with 2.5% reward from payments of your friends. It is worth noting that the popular social networks TikTok and Instagram are moving in the same direction to create paid subscriptions. Registration in the new social network takes place only with the help of the Telegram messenger, i.e. if you do not have a Telegram account, you will not be able to register in TON.Place. It is difficult to predict the success of TON Place social network because there is very strong competition in this market due to already popular similar products all over the world. Remember at least Google's attempts to create its own social network, which ended in failure. But keep in mind that at the start you can always take a rare or selling URL, which in the future may be worth a lot of money in case of popularity TON Place.