- comparison of Bitcoin capitalization with national currencies of 115 countries

fiatmarketcap_logo is a copycat of the popular cryptocurrency comparison service, with only one major difference. Fiatmarketcap compares the "capitalization" of fiat currencies (dollar, euro, yen, rubles and others) with the capitalization of bitcoin, and not with other cryptocurrencies. If you calculate the capitalization of cryptocurrencies is not difficult, because With the help of blockchain, the exact number of cryptocurrencies released into circulation is always known.

That with the calculation of the turnover of fiat money naturally there may be difficulties with which the authors of the service coped in a fairly simple way. Based on the money supply "multiplier" M2 or M3 of the banking system of a country, which they officially provide in their economic reports.

 To bring the list of capitalization of various currencies to one denominator, the capitalization of all currencies is expressed in BTC and sorted from maximum to minimum, and Bitcoin itself takes 31 lines in this rating.

On the first lines of the rating are such countries as China, USA, Europe, Japan. Which is not surprising since these are the largest economically countries.

In addition to the capitalization of fiat currencies, on the site you can find information on the change in their money supply of each country over the past 10 years. And also the cost of fiat currencies in relation to Bitcoin.