HiveOS changes payment tariffs for GPU rigs

hiveon price per rig 2024Starting from March 11, 2024, the most popular mining operating system, HiveOS, is changing payment conditions for GPU rig owners. The main differences from the previous tariffs include the introduction of differentiation based on the number of graphics cards in the rig, as well as an additional fee for using CPU in mining. Previously, as a reminder, the fee was only charged based on the number of mining rigs, regardless of the number of graphics cards used, and amounted to $3 per month for each mining rig if you had more than 4. The first 4 GPU rigs were serviced for free.


Comparison of new and old HiveOS conditions


Service tariff


before 03.11.2024


after 03.11.2024

Free service  4 rigs  2 rigs
Price per rig with 1 CPU 0,3 USD  0,5 USD
Price per rig with 1 GPU 3 USD 0,5 USD
Price per rig with 2 GPU 3 USD 1 USD
Price per rig with 3 GPU 3 USD 1,5 USD
Price per rig with 4 GPU 3 USD 2 USD
Price per rig with 5 GPU 3 USD 2,5 USD
Price per rig with 6+ GPU 3 USD 3 USD
Price for 1 ASIC * 2 USD 2 USD

* When using ASIC firmware - Hiveon Firmware, servicing is free.

The conditions for servicing ASIC miners have not changed, but significant changes are coming for owners of graphics cards, especially for those who used a free account with 3 or 4 mining rigs. Starting from March 11, such users will have to use a paid subscription. CPU miners will also notice changes, as servicing such clients will cost 20 cents more or 66% more.

As compensation, HiveOS reduces the cost of servicing each mining rig if it has fewer than 6 graphics cards. For example, a mining rig with 4 graphics cards will cost $2 instead of $3. Such a setup is usually used with powerful graphics cards like RTX 4090, etc. Of course, most users use their mining rigs to the maximum and install 6-8 graphics cards on one motherboard. Therefore, all positive changes will pass by such users.

As before, HiveOS offers a 30% discount for payment upfront for 3 months and for the number of included workers, starting from a 10% discount for 50+ workers and ending with a 50% discount for 1000+ workers.

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For instructions on how to install and configure HiveOS on your mining rig, refer to this guide: Install and configure HiveOS - Linux operating system for GPU mining rigs and ASICs

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