Cloud Mining on Kaspa

Mining kaspa on the xt exchange

Kaspa cryptocurrency continues to remain the most profitable cryptocurrency for ASIC mining in 2024, despite the emergence of newer and more advanced devices for its extraction. Unfortunately, the entry threshold for mining the Kaspa cryptocurrency is quite high. For instance, the latest generation ASIC miner, Bitmain KS5 PRO, costs around $30,000, which is not affordable for the majority of miners. There are, of course, more affordable options from Goldshell - such as the KA-BOX priced at $1,800 with a hashrate of 1.18 TH/s, which is still not the most budget-friendly option.

Instead of purchasing a physical device, one can consider perpetual cloud mining contracts for the Kaspa cryptocurrency from the exchange, where the entry threshold for mining starts from $68 for 0.1 TH/s. This not only removes the need for maintaining your own equipment but also proves to be significantly cheaper.

Cloud mining can be found on the exchange under the Finance section - Easy Earnings - Hashrate.

The specified amount of $68 for 0.1 TH or $582 for 1 TH will be the cost for a cloud mining contract with delivery on October 1, 2024. The closer the start date of cloud mining, the higher the cost of the contract. The nearest available contract for order with delivery on May 1, 2024.

cloud mining Kaspa

Thus, if cloud mining is paid for now, mining itself will only start in 40 days, which is comparable in terms of timing to ordering an ASIC miner from China. Moreover, 1 TH still costs less than buying ASIC for Kaspa independently. The cost of such a contract is $1,165 for 1 TH or $137 for 0.1 TH.

The further the start date of mining, the lower the cost per TH, providing you with certain flexibility in choice depending on your preferences.

cloud mining kaspa

Considering the reliability of the exchange, it ranks 23rd in the CoinMarketCap rating, which is alongside such well-known exchanges as Bithumb. Whether to trust in this matter is a decision that everyone makes for themselves, but in any case, the offer is enticing enough to consider.