Canaan Avalon Nano 3 - Desktop Bitcoin ASIC Miner

asic bitcoin avalon nano 3Canaan, the company, has decided to support the trend of ASICs for residential spaces (apartments, houses) and has released its own solution called the Avalon Nano 3. Unlike its competitors, the Nano 3 is a SHA-256 ASIC, meaning it mines Bitcoin directly. As befits a home ASIC device, the Nano 3 has an attractive appearance, a display for information, and simple setup, which involves downloading an application and scanning a QR code. After these two simple steps, the ASIC will start working and mining the Bitcoin cryptocurrency for its owner.

For its small size, quietness, and design, there is a trade-off with a low hash rate of 4Th/s and not very high energy efficiency at 35 J/TH. The cost per TH is also higher than industrial mining devices, at 25 USD/TH. Although the cost of the ASIC itself is only 99 USD, which is quite suitable for purchase as a gift or for independent initial study of the cryptocurrency mining process. For comparison, the Antminer S21 has better energy efficiency.

Technical specifications of the Canaan Avalon Nano 3:

Algorithm: SHA-256

Hash Rate: 4Th/s

TDP: 140W

Energy Efficiency: 35 J/GH

Noise: 36dB

Dimensions: 205x115x57mm

Price: 99USD

Delivery Date: already on sale

Due to the low power of the ASIC, there may be a problem with withdrawal on regular pools, as it may take several weeks to pay the required fee. To avoid such issues, Canaan suggests connecting to their mining pool, where the minimum withdrawal is 1000 satoshis, and payments go through the Lightning Network.

More information about Avalon Nano 3 can be found on the official website

To find out how much Bitcoin such a mining machine can mine and how long it will take to pay off, you can visit the website.