Launchpad pre-sale of the BWB (Bitget wallet) token on the BitGet exchange

Previously, we already talked about the Airdrop of the BitgetWallet project (Web3 wallet from the top exchange BitGet), and now, on the eve of the listing of the token on BitGet, the LaunchPad of this token has been announced with the possibility of pre-sale of the coin at $0.15 for 1 BWB. The first impression of user account balances will be on July 1 at 7:00 Moscow time (pools are available in BGB - 5,000,000 BWB will be distributed and in USDT - also for 5,000,000 BWB). The maximum number of coins that can be received on one account is 25,000 BWB for the USDT pool and 50,000 BWB for the BGB pool. From June 1 to June 4, snapshots of user balances will be taken every hour, then from June 4 to June 6, farming will be available, and immediately after June 6, coin distribution will begin before listing. For the USDT pool, the purchase price is set at $0.15 per 1 BWB; for the BGB pool, the price will be announced later. It is also worth noting that previously there had already been a pre-sale of this token for $0.1 in the WEB3 wallet BitgetWallet, however, due to the small supply of coins and the large number of people willing, only the lucky ones were able to get there and purchase tokens at such a low price. By the way, at the moment on pre-sale markets such as Whales pro, BWB points are trading at a price of $0.14 per 1 BWB point (1 BWB = 4.1 BWB Airdrop point). That is, on presale 1 BWB is currently trading at $0.57. Participate in the Launchpad BWB presale on BitGet.