Selling Notcoin

sell notcoin costOn April 1, 2024, the mining of the cryptocurrency Notcoin ended, in which anyone could participate simply by having any smartphone with the Telegram messenger installed. Thanks to this, more than 35 million people around the world became miners, and the Notcoin project itself gained tremendous popularity, comparable to the most well-known cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Through various boosts, level advancements, and tasks, anyone could mine Notcoin without any investment, just requiring willingness and time. Even without much effort, one could earn over 10 million NOT coins, and for those who approached the process creatively, surpassing the threshold of 100 million coins or more was also achievable.

Where to sell Notcoin?

Immediately after the mining ended, the developers announced that exactly 20 days later, on April 20, everyone would be able to sell their Notcoin. Until that moment, selling Notcoin was only possible by creating a voucher (NFT) worth 10 million or 100 million NOT coins. However, not everyone had that many coins in their account, and the process of creating NFTs incurred a 20% commission, so only a small portion of participants sold their mined Notcoins at this stage. All other miners had to wait until April 20 to sell their Notcoin.

The first contender where you can sell the cryptocurrency NOTcoin is the Bybit exchange, where the Notcoin pre-market is already operational, and the sold cryptocurrency can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies or for fiat currencies such as rubles, hryvnias, tenge, and withdrawn to your card without any restrictions or sanctions.

 Sell NOTcoin on Bybit

Where to buy Notcoin?

Since there were enough NOTcoin NFTs created, buying them on the NFT marketplace poses no problems.

Additionally, you can buy Notcoin futures on the DEX exchange or on the major CEX exchange Bybit.

The OKX exchange was the first to confirm the start of Notcoin trading on April 20, 2024. If you want to participate in trading at the start of trading, then register in advance and go through verification

Notcoin Price

Regardless of whether you want to buy or sell Notcoin, everyone is interested in knowing the price of this cryptocurrency. If you read our first article on this matter (Notcoin Price), since the first futures appeared on the exchange, the price in TON coins (the cryptocurrency of the Telegram messenger) has not changed much and is approximately 1 TON for 1 million NOT coins. However, it should be noted that during this time, TONcoin has more than doubled in value, causing the price of Notcoin to also increase to $5 for 1 million coins.

On the Bybit exchange, where the Notcoin pre-market is also available, the price of 1 million coins is currently around $7.5.

The price of NFTs on Getgems may vary widely because, in addition to regular sales, there are also auctions where you can win starting from 1 TON (5 USD) for 10 million coins, but usually, the price for such a lot is around 6-8 TON coins or $3 to $4 per 1 million NOT coins.

At the moment, the most profitable option for the seller is to sell on Bybit, while buyers are recommended to consider the NFT market.