Mining Rigs Rentals - X22i and CryptonightV8 Algorithms Available for Rent

Rig rental service for mining

The oldest service for renting the mining power of MiningRigRentals  recently added the ability to rent or buy mining power on the algorithms X22i and CryptonoteV8 (CryptonightV8). In total, the MiningRigRentlas service currently supports 67 different algorithms. Although support for the X22i algorithm was added just a few hours ago, we are already seeing strong demand for this service, since The purchased hashrate of 3.75Gh / s significantly exceeds the available free for rent capacity of 1.4Gh / s. From this we can conclude that the SUQA cryptocurrency with the support of this algorithm has a rather high popularity, while not having trading on well-known exchanges.

The CryptonightV8 algorithm on the site called CryptoNoteV8 will be supported by Monero cryptocurrency after today's hard forks. It was possible to rent rigs in advance on this algorithm and make money on a possible drawdown of complexity due to the transition to a new algorithm, but since well-known service NiceHash also announced in advance the support of this algorithm, so it’s not worth waiting for a significant decrease in complexity.

The current situation with the rental of mining capacities for the X22i algorithm is as follows:

x22i renatal on miningrigrentals