Binance Tax - automated tax reporting for crypto traders

binance tax reportingBinance, ahead of its 2022 tax returns, has launched its new Binance Tax service, which allows you to automatically receive data for the last 100,000 transactions in the spot market, as well as for donations and airdrops that are given for cryptocurrency forks. Futures markets, staking and other services promise to be added to the reporting later. With Binance Tax, you can quickly prepare a report for your tax office depending on the taxation in your country, because. You will already have access to the overall profit or loss result for all your transactions with cryptocurrencies. At the moment, Binance Tax is only available to residents of France and Canada, but in the near future this service will be available to residents from other jurisdictions. The emergence of such services brings the crypto industry closer and closer to the stock or currency market, where such services are commonplace, and often the taxes themselves are paid automatically without the participation of the trader himself.