Bminer 12.1.0 - the fastest miner for cryptocurrency GRIN

Cryptocurrency Grin, which started just two days ago, has already managed to make a fuss because of its profitable mining. In the past, the material on this cryptocurrency "GRIN cryptocurrency - list of available miners and pools" we simply listed the available mining programs and open pools for cryptocurrency GRIN. During these two days we had time to check all available miners and select the most "profitable" ones. As a result, Bminer version 12.1.0 showed the highest results in mining GRIN.


The resulting hash rate on the Coocko Circle algorithm for GRIN cryptocurrency:

5.30 Sol / s on GTX 1080Ti
3.33 Sol / s on GTX 1070
2.00 Sol / s on GTX 1060 6G
With the help of overclocking, video cards can be obtained from each video card by 0.3-0.7 Sol more.

The yield today for one GTX1080ti video card is obtained in the region of 8 USD per day or 1.2 Grin coin, which is quite a lot by modern standards.

Since there are no ready online calculators for calculating the profitability of mining GRIN, then we will tell you how to calculate the mining profitability on your own in this article

You can sell GRIN cryptocurrency on the Bitforex exchange.

You can download the latest version of Bminer on the website.