Overview miner FPGA Blackminer F1 + from HashAltcoin

Overview miner FPGA Blackminer F1 + from HashAltcoinBlackMiner F1 + is an improved version of FPGA miner Blackminer F1 from HashAltcoin, which is a completely finished device made in the usual Bitmain formic factor of the previous generation. Unlike ASICs, in FPGA instead of one possible algorithm for mining, theoretically, mining of any algorithms is available after flashing. For the BlackMiner F1 +, mining of 17 different algorithms is currently available. Consider the possibilities of the FPGA miner from Hashaltcoin in more detail.

 Characteristics of HashAltcoin BlackMiner F1 +:



Algorithm: programmable logic (17 algorithms available as of 02/20/2019)

Hashrate: see table below

Power Consumption: 1300W 12V

Energy Efficiency: see table

Noise: 70 Db

Price: 3200USD

Dimensions: 430x290x230mm per pack

Weight: 5,047kg and 6kg per pack

Delivery Date: Available Now


  Mining algorithms available on FPGA Blackminer F1 +

Algorithm Hashrate Power usage

Energy efficiency

Lyra2z 93MH/s 650-950W  10W/GH
Skeincoin 7,56GH/s 650W   86W/GH
Lyra2Rev2 324MH/s 550W   1,7W/MH
PHI2 77,5MH/s 600W  7,7W/MH
PHI1612 470MH/s 800W   1,7W/MH
Tribus 4,4GH/s 880W  200W/GH
Nexus 3,87GH/s 800W  207W/GH
BCX 26GH/s 720W  28W/GH
0xBTC 35,2 GH/s 1000W   28W/GH
Keccak 34,9 GH/s 1050W  30W/GH
Xdag 22,6 GH/s 900W   40W/GH
Zp 35,2 GH/s 1050W   30W/GH
Verus 100,8 GH/s 900W  9W/GH
Keccakc 34,9 GH/s 1050W   30W/GH
Keccakd 34,9 GH/s 1050W   30W/GH
Amoveo 82,6 GH/s 1050W   13W/GH
sha3d 13,6 GH/s 1000W   73W/GH

If we compare the energy efficiency of the GTX GTX1080ti and FPGA F1 + on the Tribus algorithm, then the video cards will lose in all respects. Since one FPGA Blackminer F1 + hashrate is equivalent to 35 GTX1080Ti video cards while consuming 880W instead of 5000W. And the price is such a miner as 4 GTX1080ti video cards, i.e. 9 times cheaper. Roughly speaking on the Tribus FPGA algorithm, the miners will pay off about 5 times faster than video cards.

As a power supply unit, you can also use Bitmain power supply units, since You need 6x6pin power connectors for 12V, as well as a regular computer power supply for 1200W or more.

Connection to the ASIC FPGA network is the same as for ordinary ASICs, i.e. you need to connect the FPGA miner through the Ethernet cable to the switch or router to find out its IP and go through the browser on this IP. The control menu is also similar to asik miners. Therefore, the first inclusion for experienced miners will not cause the slightest difficulty.

 The main distinguishing feature of BlackMiner F1 + control from ASICs is the choice of the mining algorithm in the "Miner Cohfiguration" menu. Up to 7-8 control programs for various algorithms can be stored in the miner's FPGA control board, the algorithms are also added with the familiar update of the firmware for the desired algorithm (you can download the firmware via this link). Before the memory is full, the algorithms are added to the general list of "Miner Cohfiguration", where they can easily change.



Since There are more than 8 algorithms available for mining, so there may be a moment when the memory in the FPGA miner runs out and the addition will not be available in a simple way.

To solve this problem, you will need to use the WINSCP program, with which you need to connect to the miner and delete files with the .bit extension in the FPGABIT folder with unnecessary algorithms.

At this all the differences in working with the FPGA miner ends, because All other functions are familiar from working with asic miners.

Buy FPGA miner BlackMiner F1 + can be on the official website of the company HashAltcoin

Conclusion: The BlackMiner F1 + FPGA miner combines the versatility of video cards and the energy efficiency of Asic miners, plus compactness and ease of maintenance. If, on energy efficiency, FPGA still significantly loses Asic to the miners, then whenever possible the choice of an algorithm using software, such miners can quickly migrate using various unpopular algorithms for which it is simply not profitable to develop a specialized Asic.