VulkanXMRminer 0.3 - Monero universal cryptocurrency miner for all video cards with Vulkan API support

vulkanxmrminerVulkanXMRminer is a universal miner that supports AMD, Nvidia, Intel video cards, which in turn must support the Vulkan 1.0 API, since This miner was developed precisely with this API in mind, and not specialized for each firm of the manufacturer of OpenCL and CUDA video cards. This approach makes VulkanXMRminer unique in its own way, i.e. brings fresh ideas to the mining industry, which is good news. Moreover, the developers have posted the source code to the public.

For users unfamiliar with programming, only one compiled Windows version with a 1% commission included is available. In which several algorithms for mining are available at once: CryptonightR (Monero), Cryptonight Light (Aeon), CryptonightV8 (Wownero), Cryptonight Turtle (Turtle Coin).

HashRate is known only for AMD video cards:


  • RX550 - 330H/s
  • RX560 - 410H/s
  • R9 Fury - 835H/s
  • Vega 56 - 1800H/s


  • Vega 56 - 1800H/s

Cryptonight Light

  • Vega 56 - 3970H/s

Cryptonight Turtle

  • Vega 56 - 14070H/s

Of the features of VulkanXMRminer, we can highlight the complex configuration of the miner, where in addition to the address and the pool for mining in the config, json file you need to specify the number of computational blocks, the number of streams and worksize, depending on the video memory on the video card.

You can download Vulkanxmrminer on GitHub.