Rigel Nvidia GPU Miner - the fastest miner for the NexaPow algorithm

Cryptocurrency NEXA has recently occupied the top lines in terms of mining profitability on video cards, which attracts new mining software developers. If you use NEXA BZminer or WildRigMulti for mining and you have video cards from Nvidia, then you should pay attention to the Rigel miner, which currently offers the highest hash rate on the NexaPow algorithm. The benefits of Rigel over BZminer and WildRigMulti can range from 10% to 20%. In addition to NexaPow GPU miner Rigel supports the following algorithms: ETCHash, KHavyHash, Zil. The miner fee is 2% for Nexa mining and 0.7% for other algorithms. How long Rigel will continue to be the leader in Nexa mining is difficult to predict. the NexaPow algorithm is new and almost every day new software versions are released with improved support for this mining algorithm. For example, just yesterday, a beta version of WildrigMulti 0.36.5 was released with an improved NexaPow hashrate for Nvidia video cards by 8%.

You can download the Rigel Nvida GPU Miner on Github. You can calculate the profitability of Nexa cryptocurrency mining on the website Profit-mine.com