Gminer 1.37 - Equihash 144/5 and 192/7 mining algorithms available on AMD video cards

gminer-1-35 equihash amdGminer was originally created only for Nvidia video cards, but gradually the developers add more support for AMD video cards. With the help of version 1.37 Gminer, AMD video card owners will be able to start mining the Equihash 144/5 and 192/7 algorithms. It is worth noting that Cuckoo29, Cuckaroo29, Beam have already received such an opportunity. In addition, Gminer 1.37 was slightly optimized because of the mining of GRIN, BEAM, SWAP and Aeternity cryptocurrencies when mining, you can get a bit more hashrate than it was in the previous version of this miner. You can download the latest version and familiarize yourself with the hashrate of video cards in all available algorithms for Gminer on the Bitcointalk forum.