Banano Miner-participate in medical research and earn cryptocurrency

banano miner  полезный для общества майнинг криптовлаютMany opponents cryptocurrency in the first place is discontent that the huge computing power does not produce useful work for society and a huge amount of electricity is spent only to maintain the efficiency of thousands of different cryptocurrencies. For such opponents of everything connected with the word "crypto", today we want to tell you about the Banano project. The goal is to redirect computing power from classic POW cryptocurrencies to useful work on protein folding, which helps medical researchers fight various diseases: Parkinson's, Hatington, Alzheimer's, and Cancer.

In fact, Banano is not a standalone project, but a blockchain add-on to the Folding@Home project, with a reward in Banano cryptocurrency. For calculating protein coagulation (deployment), the miner can expect to receive 1000-1500 Banano per day for each productive GPU or 300 banano per CPU. The cost of one cryptocurrency Banano is now about 0.0015USD. You can check the cost here. Those. when mining Banano with one powerful video card, you can get about 2USD per day, which is comparable to conventional mining, but do not forget that, apart from money, you can become involved in creating a cure for cancer or other diseases that are incurable now, and this can cost much more than money.

The project was launched in the middle of May 2019, but already in the team standings Banano mayners occupy 15th place out of more than 200,000 of all teams on the Folding Home, which indicates a great interest in this project.

If you are interested in this project, then a special website has been created for you, which lists all the questions that you may have during the transfer of your mining capacities.

In addition to mining, you can get cryptocurrency BAN for free on various cranes, read more about cranes here