- added support for mining profitability calculations for the Cuckatoo32 algorithm for the GRIN coin

profit-mine.comOn the website of the mining calculator, support for the new Cuckatoo32 algorithm has been added to calculate the profitability of mining the GRIN coin version on this algorithm. In addition, hashes of some popular AMD and NVIDIA video cards were added to the site database, such as: RX 470,480,570,580,5700XT, VEGA56, VEGA64, VEGAVII; GTX1070,1070Ti, 1080,1080Ti; RTX2070,2080,2080Ti for this algorithm. If you are interested in mining GRIN coins, you can calculate the profitability of mining your video cards on the new algorithm, as well as compare it with the profitability of GRIN mining on other algorithms (Cuckaroo29 and Cuckatoo31).