Hardfork Grin with the replacement of the mining algorithm postponed until 2021

grin hardfork Cryptocurrency Grin appeared quite recently in the beginning of 2019 and almost simultaneously with the cryptocurrency, the Asic was announced for this cryptocurrency with the support of mining algorithms Cuckatoo31 (Obelisk GRN1). Literally up to this point, there was a lot of talk on the network about the need to replace the mining algorithm from Cuckatoo31 to Cuckatoo33 before the release of Asic in October 2019. However, according to the latest data in hardfork, on July 17 2019, mining algorithms will remain unchanged. At the same time, the change of algorithms in the roadmap is postponed for 18 months to 2021. According to the Grin cryptocurrency developers, such a decision was made at a recent meeting and dictated primarily by the fact that the already produced ASICs could pay off for those miners who made an advance payment for these devices at the beginning of the year.