NBminer 24.0 - support for Cuckarood algorithm (GRIN cryptocurrency after hardfork on July 17)

nbminer-24-grin-cuckarood-progpow-seroIn the last 24 version of NBminer, the developers made quite a few changes, the main one being the support of the Cuckarood mining algorithm, in which the GRIN cryptocurrency goes after hard forks on July 17, 2019 in block 262080. Cucackarood will replace Cuckaroo27, with the second mining algorithm from GRIN - Cuckatoo31 will remain unchanged. The miner has an automatic transition from Cuckaroo27 to Cuckarood, so you don’t need to worry about it. Mining cryptocurrency hashrate GRIN and Aeternity has also been improved. Another innovation is the addition of support for the ProgPow-sero algorithm (cryptocurrency SERO 13MH/s on the GTX1070). Added parameter -intensity to manually adjust the intensity for each video card. You can find out about all the other changes in the current version of NBminer on Github.