The Fast and the Cloudious - discounts up to 20% on cloud mining from the CryptoUniverse

cryptouniverse sale cloud miningFrom August 21 to September 1, 2019, the CryptoUniverse cloud mining service holds the "The Fast and the Cloudious" promotion to sell contracts with a discount of 11% to 20%. Only BTC contracts are available at a discount, and the discount will decrease by 20% to 11% with a decrease in the initial sale fund of 1,484,000 USD or 58,000TH. To date, the discount has already decreased to 17%, and if you planned to purchase a cloud contract, then you should take a closer look at the current offer from CryptoUniverse. Because even without discounts, CryptoUniverse was offering the highest profitability of its Bitcoin cloud mining contracts.

You can read more about comparing various cloud mining contracts in this article.

In addition to BTC contracts, Bitmain miners from Antminer S9 to Antminer S17 are available for lease entirely asic.

Two options are available for choosing cloud mining: a purchase of the entire package at once with a service charge for the entire contract period (360, 480 and 720 days), or a cloud mining purchase with a gradual payment for service over the entire duration of the contract.

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