Proof of Keys - check cryptocurrency exchanges for liquidity (honesty)

Annual January Proof of Keys Celebration of the Genesis BlockProof of Keys is an annual campaign of cryptocurrency owners, which takes place already 3 times a year on January 3 on the day the genesis block of the first Bitcoin cryptocurrency is created. The action is held under the slogan "Not your keys - not your bitcoin" and consists in the fact that cryptocurrency users massively withdraw cryptocurrency from cryptocurrency exchanges to personal wallets, thereby checking the liquidity of exchanges or, in other words, checking the honesty of exchanges for the ability to pay large part stored on the exchange of funds. If for large exchanges such as Binance, you can also optionally join this promotion, then for small and little-known exchanges we strongly recommend that you do not ignore the Proof of Keys promotion and withdraw all your cryptocurrency savings in advance. That in the near future not to encounter a sudden hacking of the exchange or (and) its closure without the opportunity to get your own  earned cryptocurrency back. You can monitor the counter before the start of the Proof of Keys promotion on the website