- cryptocurrency rating by developer activity

coincodecap_logoWe bring to your attention another rating of cryptocurrencies called in which information is taken not on price and capitalization, but on the activity of developing new versions of cryptocurrency software code. Using this service, you can find out which cryptocurrency are most actively working on. Statistics are maintained using the GitHub API and the number of stars (likes), subscribers, the number of code changes and how many programmers are currently working on the project are taken as the initial data for compiling the rating. Using this service, you can easily track and compare various projects by how the authors monitor their project and whether they completely abandoned it.

Actually, based on these additional indirect features, you can draw your conclusions on trading decisions for a particular cryptocurrency. Now everyone is hearing an early hard fork of the Ethereum cryptocurrency called Istanbul and this should be confirmed by the great activity of Github programmers on this project. Actually, this is how it turns out - Ethereum in the last month has received 437 code changes made by 71 programmers. But what is most surprising is that there is a more active community (Libry, Waves, Cosmos, Solana and FileCoin). So, for example, over the past month, 67 Libry cryptocurrency developers have made 1,107 changes to the program code of this cryptocurrency. rating cryptocurrency