Genesis-Mining: limited pre-sale of contracts for cloud mining Bitcoin

Genesis-Mining: ограниченная пред-продажа контрактов на облачный майнинг BitcoinIt seems that, due to the peak of the price and interest in Bitcoin, even the largest cloud-provider companies, such as Genesis-Mininng, have begun to experience difficulties in providing enough equipment to cover the ever-increasing demand for BTC cloud mining contracts. Genesis-Mining has launched a preliminary sale of Bitcoin mining contracts, which will be launched in about 3 and a half months, on February 28, 2018.

In addition to the hashtake for Bitcoin's cloud mining, Genesis-Mining also offers contracts for cloud mining Ethereum with the immediate launch of production right after the acquisition of the contract. The same goes for the contracts for the extraction of Monero, Zcash. Currently, Litecoin and DASH production contracts are not available, although we would be particularly careful with the acquisition of contracts for the production of DASH (algorithm X11), due to the influx of a large number of X11 ASIC new-generation miners, which are likely to soon collapse the margin altoquine production on this algorithm.

Genesis-Mining: ограниченная пред-продажа контрактов на облачный майнинг Bitcoin

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