Buy bitcoin reliably and securely with a bank card visa, mastercard

buy bitcoin bank card onlineCryptocurrency, blockchain, hash rate, blocks, transactions, hashes, mining, crypto wallets, crypto exchanges, P2P exchange - these are all little-known terms that an ordinary person who has just learned about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is absolutely not familiar with. Because of which, he either immediately refuses to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies, or spend indecently much time on learning a new and difficult direction for himself and, as a result, loses interest in cryptocurrencies and did not dare to become a cryptoinvestor, about which everyone who is now good understands the topic of cryptocurrencies, regret over time that they did not pay enough attention to this topic at one time, when bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were several times cheaper. We have prepared this material specifically for those people who want to buy Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Ripple, Binance Coin and other cryptoassets without thoroughly understanding all the nuances of working with cryptocurrencies, but at the same time want to do it as simply and safely as possible.

There are a great many ways to get Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies: mining, buying from individuals, individuals, crypto exchangers, P2P exchange, telegram bots, exchanges.

All these methods can be used, only the level of your knowledge about the work of blockchain technology should be high enough, because on the Internet there are even more different kinds of scammers who take advantage of the illiteracy and gullibility of people. When meeting with such "crypto-dealers", at best, you can be sold the so-called "dirty bitcoin", and at worst, you will completely lose your money.

Therefore, so that your first cryptocurrency transaction is not forever associated with fraud and financial pyramids, we recommend that you use only trusted and reliable companies that value their reputation and which millions of people trust with their crypto investments. is such a leader in the crypto industry with 70 million users worldwide.

If you look at the rating of cryptocurrency exchanges on the website, then binance in this rating deservedly takes first place with a trading volume of $ 12.5 billion per day, which is several times more than any other well-known exchange.

In addition to being one of the most trusted crypto companies in the world, Binance provides an easy and straightforward way to buy Bitcoin using any VISA or MasterCard. Those. you can buy cryptocurrency without leaving your home using the Internet bank on your computer or phone. For example, using the online bank application.

If you have already entered the Binance website, then on your screen there will be the following window with the choice of the purchase amount in rubles and the choice of the cryptocurrency that you can purchase this way. On your own on, this section can be found through the Buy Crypto - Credit / Debit Card menu


binance buy bitcoin credit debit card online bank

In our example, when buying for 1000 euros, 0.0383 BTC (Bitcoin) will be credited to your account.

Registration on the Binance exchange

You will receive an account for storing Bitcoin cryptocurrency automatically immediately after registration and after buying Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency will be immediately credited to your newly created personal account.

Registration on the Binance exchange takes place as usual with an Email or phone number of your choice and a password. Also, during registration, a referral code is indicated, which gives a discount on trade. If you plan to engage in trade as well, then we have a special exclusive referral code for you that gives you a maximum discount of 20%. For more information on how to get a discount for trading on the Binance exchange, read this article: The most profitable referral ID (code) for registration on the Binance exchange for spot and futures trading

binance registration referral id code

Important: To register on the Binance exchange, do not use your standard password that you are used to using for other sites. Come up with a new, more complex password and write it down in a notepad. We also recommend that you turn on two-factor protection immediately after registration (when entering, in addition to the password, you also need to enter a 6-digit code) in order to maximally protect your account from hacking.

Verification on the Binance exchange

After you register, you need to pass identity verification, i.e. indicate your name, date of birth, place of residence, and send a photo. This is a mandatory requirement for all large companies that work with cryptocurrencies, because with the help of such checks, Binance ensures the reliability and safety of transactions with cryptocurrencies. This procedure is done only once, after which all operations will be carried out quickly, without delay and with maximum safety.

binance verification kyc

binance verification date of birth

binance verification next step

After sending all the data, you will have to wait a while while your data will be verified, usually it takes a couple of hours, but no more than a day.

Buying Bitcoin for rubles with a bank card

When the verification is completed, you will be able to easily and simply buy and sell Bitcoin using your bank card. Now, when you click on the "BUY" button, instead of the registration and verification window, you will see a window for entering data on your bank card: number, expiration date and 3-digit CVV code.

buy bitcoin credit card

Further, additionally indicate your home address that you indicated during verification (identity verification)


buy bitcoin online bank confirm order

The next step is to confirm the purchase amount and the amount of the received bitcoin cryptocurrency.

If Everything is correct, we press Confirm until the timer of 60 seconds runs out and proceed to the last step: confirmation via a message on the phone from your bitcoin online bank

After confirming the payment, go to your wallet on the Binance exchange (Menu - Wallet - Wallet Overview), where you will see the bitcoins you just bought on your balance.

There, in the wallet, you can withdraw the purchased BTC to your wallet on a computer or smartphone, if you plan long-term storage for 1-2 years or longer. For short-term actions with cryptocurrency, for example, trading or transferring to another person, using your own bitcoin wallet is not advisable, because the Binance exchange, as we have said many times, is considered one of the most reliable in the world. By analogy, Binance is Sberbank, but only in the world of cryptocurrencies.

And, by the way, if you start exploring the possibilities and services of Binance, then in the Finance menu - Binance Earn, you can put the purchased bitcoin and other cryptocurrency at 12.5% ​​per annum, again the same with deposits in ordinary banks. Only here you will not receive rubles, but the cryptocurrency that you put on the crypto deposit.


 Binance registration