ETH and Eaglesong dual mining (Nervos CKB) on AMD and Nvidia graphics cards

nrvos ckb eaglesong dual miningA few days ago, the main network of the Nervos CKB cryptocurrency using the Eaglesong mining algorithm was launched. Because The Nervos cryptocurrency itself received a fairly large response in the cryptocurrency community, miner developers did not stand by and released mining software, first with support for one Eaglesong algorithm, and then with support for Ethereum and Nervos dual mining. At the moment, there are only two miners supporting dual mining ETH + CKB: NBMiner 26.1 and GMiner 1.75 moreover, for owners of AMD video cards the choice will be one towards NBminer, as Gminer for dual mining only supports Nvidia graphics cards. However, owners of Nvidia video cards should also pay attention to NBminer, as It shows slightly better performance.