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Smart contracts and decentralized services based on them have become so popular in the cryptoindustry that, in addition to the well-known Ethereum blockchain, other blockchains (Binance chain, Tron, Solana, Avalanche, Terra, Cardano, Fantom) supporting smart contracts appeared. At the same time, each such blockchain has its own unique projects, for participation in which it is necessary to buy a token or cryptocurrency that serves smart contracts within this network, which is almost impossible to do without centralized services (cryptocurrency exchanges). To enable decentralized exchange of tokens between different blockchains, special services - bridges - were invented.

Bridges have simultaneous liquidity (assets) in both blockchains for exchange, where the transfer mechanism is to transfer token inside one blockchain to the bridge balance, and in the other blockchain you also receive transfer from the bridge within this network, i.e. there is no physical transfer of tokens from one network to another. A good example is the transfer of USDT tokens from the Ethereum network to the Tron or Binance Chain network.

Since there are already more than 70 different blockchains that support smart contracts, users of decentralized crypto services may face the task of finding the right bridge to transfer their assets between blockchains, which can sometimes be quite difficult.

At this point, the service comes to the rescue, which is an aggregator of such bridges and allows to find and choose the most suitable service for exchanging between the desired blockchains in the shortest possible time.

At the moment, the service already has 78 different bridges and about 70 networks between which it is possible to exchange with DEFI bridges.



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For example, to exchange between Ethereum blockchain and Binance Smart Chain there are 45 bridges from which you can choose the one that suits you best based on feedbacks, number of blocked assets and volume of transfers per day.

It should be noted that the more is the amount of transfer, the more exchange service to choose.

It is also worth noting Reports from Debridges service, where you can analyze the overall state of the market for exchange between networks and find out who is a leader in this area.

Analysis from Debridges for April 2022

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