Lolminer 0.9.4 - added Cuckatoo32 algorithm, improved hashrate for Cuckatoo 31

lolminer v093 grin31 grin32 cuckatoo32Lolminer 0.9.4 claims support for the new Cuckatoo32 mining algorithm, which Grin should switch to in February 2020. The minimum requirements for Cuckatoo32 8Gb video memory. But until the change of algorithm has occurred for miners, it will be more relevant to increase the hashrate of AMD video cards for the current Cuckatoo31 algorithm. For Vega video cards, the performance on the Cuckatoo31 algorithm is increased by 7%, for Navi video cards by 12%. Currently, Lolminer in version 0.9.4 is available only for linux. You can download Lolminer on GitHub.