CPUminer-opt - mining on the CPU, supports 70 algorithms

We rarely talk about mining cryptocurrency on central processors due to low interest miners, since good results in mining show only quite expensive CPUs, which still significantly lose to video cards at a price per hash. Therefore, in mining rigs, processors of the initial maximum of the average level are used to support the work of video cards, but not as for independent mining. For mining enthusiasts or for owners of a large number of CPUs, it will be interesting to learn that there are specialized miners for CPUs with support for 70 mining algorithms! CPUminer-opt is just such a unique product with the help of which you can mining almost any cryptocurrency you like on your CPU. CPUminer-opt has a long history of growing from 2016 to version

The minimum processor requirements are X86 compatible CPUs with SSE2 support (AMD Peledriver Athlon X2 processors, Phenom 2 processors are not supported, although they use SSE2). For best performance, your processor should support AES-NI, AVX2, SHA instructions, since More than 40 mining algorithms are optimized to use these instructions. If your CPU does not have AES_NI, then it is recommended to use Legasy miner version

Only 64-bit versions of Windows and Linux operating systems are supported.

CPUminer-opt is an open source miner with no fees.

Download Cpuminer-opt on the Bitcointalk forum.

Supported algorithms:

allium Garlicoin
anime Animecoin
argon2 Argon2 coin (AR2)
argon2d250 argon2d-crds, Credits (CRDS)
argon2d500 argon2d-dyn, Dynamic (DYN)
argon2d4096 argon2d-uis, Unitus, (UIS)
axiom Shabal-256 MemoHash
blake Blake-256 (SFR)
blakecoin blake256r8
blake2s Blake-2 S
bmw BMW 256
c11 Chaincoin
cryptolight Cryptonight-light
cryptonightv7 Monero (XMR)
deep Deepcoin (DCN)
dmd-gr Diamond-Groestl
drop Dropcoin
fresh Fresh
groestl Groestl coin
heavy Heavy
hmq1725 Espers
hodl Hodlcoin
jha Jackpotcoin
keccak Maxcoin
keccakc Creative coin
lbry LBC, LBRY Credits
luffa Luffa
lyra2h Hppcoin
lyra2re lyra2
lyra2rev2 lyra2v2, Vertcoin
lyra2z Zcoin (XZC)
lyra2z330 Lyra2 330 rows, Zoin (ZOI)
m7m Magi (XMG)
myr-gr Myriad-Groestl
neoscrypt NeoScrypt(128, 2, 1)
nist5 Nist5
pentablake Pentablake
phi1612 phi, LUX coin
pluck Pluck:128 (Supcoin)
polytimos Ninja
quark Quark
qubit Qubit
scrypt scrypt(1024, 1, 1) (default)
scrypt:N scrypt(N, 1, 1)
sha256d Double SHA-256
sha256t Triple SHA-256, Onecoin (OC)
shavite3 Shavite3
skein Skein+Sha (Skeincoin)
skein2 Double Skein (Woodcoin)
skunk Signatum (SIGT)
timetravel Machinecoin (MAC)
timetravel10 Bitcore
tribus Denarius (DNR)
vanilla blake256r8vnl (VCash)
veltor (VLT)
x11 Dash
x11evo Revolvercoin
x11gost sib (SibCoin)
x12 Galaxie Cash (GCH)
x13 X13
x13sm3 hsr (Hshare)
x14 X14
x15 X15
x16r Ravencoin (RVN)
x16s pigeoncoin (PGN)
xevan Bitsend (BSD)
yescrypt Globalboost-Y (BSTY)
yescryptr8 BitZeny (ZNY)
yescryptr16 Yenten (YTN)
yescryptr32 WAVI
zr5 Ziftr