HiveOS important changes in service conditions

hiveos 2020 новые условия оплатыWith the advent of the new 2020, the popular Linux operating system HiveOS has updated its terms of service. And as usual, there is good and bad news for you. But of course, let's start with the good ones: the number of free rigs has been increased from 3 to 4, instead of daily payment, a per-minute payment system with 5 minute tariffing has been introduced, instead of paying $ 1.5 -3 $ for rig, you can switch to HiveOn Pool and pay only the pool commission in amount of 3%. When choosing a monthly payment or a fee for a pool, it should also be taken into account that a 30% discount was saved when paying immediately for 3 months. The bad news is we will not please free users, because Starting on January 20, Ethereum mining for free accounts is available only on HiveOn pool with a 3% commission, which is significantly higher than on other popular Ethereum pools. For other cryptocurrencies, free maintenance remains at the previous conditions, but most likely not for long and similar requirements will be added for other popular cryptocurrencies, and not just ETH. For the new conditions to take effect, you need to restart the entire rig or just the miner.

UPD: For owners of 4 or less rigs (free account), the HiveON pool is also available with a 3% commission for mining ETH or any other pool.