How to configure RavenCoin mining (RVN) on the new KAWPOW algorithm

How to configure RavenCoin mining (RVN) on the new KAWPOW algorithmWe already wrote earlier that soon, namely on May 6, the RavenCoin (RVN) project will make hard forks and will be transferred to a new mining algorithm called KAWPOW, which is derived from ProgPOW. In this article below, you will see detailed step-by-step instructions on how to configure your rigs for RavenCoin mining on the new algorithm after its hard fork. At the moment, 4 miners are already available that support this mining algorithm and you can use any of them according to your preference.


 So, let's start setting up rigs for mining RavenCoin after its hard fork on KAWPOW:

  1. Create your wallet address. To do this, you can download and use one of the official wallets or use the exchanges on which RavenCoin is traded (for example, Binance). raven coin desctop downloads
  2. Download one of the available miners. NbminerGminerTT-minerKawpowminer. And then unzip it.
  3. Select a pool. Choose one of the many pools that will support RavenCoin mining on KAWPOW. You can see the full list here. In our case, we will tell you how to configure production on the pool
  4. Create or edit a .BAT file (select a batch file with the name Rvn). Indicate your Raven address in the .BAT file (you can also specify the name of the rig but this is not necessary) and the stratum address of the pool, in our case it will be: rvn.woolypooly.comDUC5555 (you can also use this pool). An example of a batch file for NBminer is: "nbminer -a kawpow -o stratum + tcp: // 55555 -u YOUR_RVN_WALLET". An example of a batch file for Gminer: "miner.exe --algo kawpow --server∗5555 --user YOUR_RVN_WALLET".
  5. Check the statistics. After a while, check the statistics here:, indicating your wallet address.
  6. Compare your hashrate with the expected. Compare your hashrate with the expected for most popular video cards. We have already published data on approximate hashrates in one of our past materials.

Keep in mind that the RVN hard fork for the new algorithm will happen on May 6, therefore, mining RavenCoin on the new algorithm until this time is possible only in the test network, however this will not prevent you from pre-setting the miner and starting mining immediately as soon as the coin hard fork is completed on May 6, 2020 in 18:00 UTC.