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nominex logoThe Nominex cryptocurrency exchange started operating in September 2019. The platform focuses on attracting beginners and professionals with numerous bonuses. Free training is provided for beginners. They have the opportunity to participate in free tournaments. Beginners compete on demo accounts for a real prize of up to 1000 USDT.

An advanced order system and very low commissions have been created for professional traders. Also, a unique referral program with an unlimited number of levels has been added.

The exchange operation is legalized. It is registered in Seychelles as Nominex Limited Company. It is licensed by the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU).

According to CoinMarketCap, the trading volume is more than $36.4 million as of 21.01.21. 35 cryptocurrencies are traded here. BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, and more than 40 trading pairs are among them.

8 languages are available on Nominex: English, Russian, Turkish, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Indonesian.

Registration and Getting Started

1 Go to the official website. The English version may open by default. The language can be changed using the icon on the right.

2 Click on the "Start" button. main page

3 Enter the standard data in the registration window: email and password. The password must be a combination of 8 or more characters. It must contain uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and some of the next symbols: !@#$%^&*()_+ - =.

4 Please read the platform policy. Check the box if you agree with it. Click the "Create Account» button.

nominex registration

5 Go to the email address that you specified during registration. Find the email from the exchange in the shared or the "Spam" folder. Confirm your email by clicking on the "Confirm Email" button.

confirm email

A welcome bonus of 50 USDT from the exchange is available to all new users. You should top up your account balance with $100 to get it. Detailed conditions are described on a separate page.

You can also get 50 USDT for subscribing and reposting the official exchange community post on VKontakte, Facebook, or Twitter.


Crypto Exchange without KYC

Nominex is considered an anonymous exchange because it does not require mandatory KYC and verification.

The user can start trading on the exchange immediately after registration. This is convenient for those who trade up to 3 BTC per day and those who want to remain anonymous. Also, users can make transactions with fiat through the Koinal service. This can also be done without verification on the exchange.

You will have restrictions without verification. For example, you will not be able to work with the exchange token NMX. You will have restrictions of up to 3 BTC per withdrawal because access to a larger list of deposit and withdrawal methods is provided only to verified traders.

There is a step-by-step guide to KYC in the guide to working with the exchange. In total, the exchange has 3 levels of verification:

Level of verification





No restrictions

No restrictions

No restrictions

Daily withdrawal limit


100 BTC

Personal limits

Required data


email, full name, country, identification document (passport, residence permit, driver's license), a selfie with the identification document

email, full name, country, identification document (passport, residence permit, driver's license), a selfie with the identification document, contact support/video interview

Comparison table of verification levels and daily limits. The necessary documents for upgrading the level are specified

You can only pass verification if two-factor authentication is enabled.


Trading on the Exchange

Click on the "Trade" — "Exchange" tab to start trading.

nominex trading

Nominex Exchange interface

There is a chart on which you can draw "Lines", "Pitchforks", make text notes, and use more than 40 indicators. You can choose to display the chart in the form of bars, Japanese candles, empty candles, and more, as well as configure the necessary periods in minutes, hours, and days.

  1. There is a familiar form for creating an order, where you can choose the type of transaction and its basic parameters: price, quantity, stop price, best price, price distance, and more, depending on the type of transaction. Stop Orders, Market, Limit, Stop Limits, Trailing Stop, Trailing Stop Future, Scaled are also available.
  2. You can find information on the main trading pairs, transactions made, and view the history of your orders on the exchange's page.
  3. You can switch between trading on the main account, demo account, trust account, demo tournament account right there.
  4. The Analytics tab is located at the bottom. Forecasts for market movements from well-known financial companies are displayed in it. This is Holders Making Money at Current Price, Concentration by Large Holders, Price Correlation with Bitcoin, Holders’ Composition by Time Held, and others.

There is an exchange for buying and selling cryptocurrency for those who do not want to delve into the intricacies of exchange trading. Transactions are carried out through partner services that support payment with Visa and MasterCard bank cards. The following fiat currencies are available: RUB, USD, EUR, TRY, GBP, UAH.


Deposit and Withdrawal of Funds

Go to the "Wallets" section to deposit and withdraw funds. It is located under the icon of the personal account.

nominex account

There you will find information on the accounts of all available cryptocurrencies: balance, how much is available, how much is blocked, and how much is equal in USDT. 

You will see the "Deposit" and "Withdraw" buttons next to each cryptocurrency.

nomining cryptocurrency list

Wallets on the Exchange

Click the "Withdraw" button to withdraw funds from the account. Enter the wallet address and the number of coins, and then click “Withdraw”. 

Make sure that the withdrawal address matches the cryptocurrency. Specify the address of the BTC wallet if you are withdrawing BTC.

btc withdraw

Click on the "Deposit" button next to the required currency to top up your account. Then copy the wallet address and follow the instructions of the service, from where you will transfer the deposit to Nominex.

usdt deposit

You can also use Visa and MasterCard bank cards to buy and sell cryptocurrency. This works through an internal exchanger. Click the "Buy/Sell Cryptocurrency" button for this:

  1. Enter the amount you want to buy/sell.
  2. Select the required currencies.
  3. Choose an available payment system for the exchange. 
  4. Click "Buy/Sell".
  5. Follow the further instructions of the service.

The ability to withdraw cryptocurrency up to 3 times a day without commissions is an advantage of Nominex over other exchanges. This is a convenient feature because usually, the withdrawal fee is about $10

koinal buy bitcoin


Trade Commissions

Trading commissions depend on the trader's trading volume. The maximum fee is 0.1%; the minimum fee is 0.02% for the seller and 0.04% for the buyer.

nominex trade comission

Also, a discount of up to 50% is applied automatically. It is paid for by an in-exchange NMX token. It must be in the trader's account for this.

If a trader wants to trade at a discount, he can buy a discount card on commission. It is used to reduce trading fees for a limited period. You can buy a card for a discount of 5, 10, or 20% for 30 days for 30, 50, and 90 USDT, respectively.

nominex discount trade

The commission for making a deposit is zero. The withdrawal fee is calculated automatically. It is displayed at the time of withdrawal. For example, the transaction fee is 0.0005 BTC when working with BTC, 0.01 ETH – with ETH. At the same time, you can withdraw cryptocurrency with zero commission up to 3 times a day.

The platform has a well-thought-out system of discounts. It is suitable for traders, arbitrageurs, and ordinary investors. All discount systems are summed up. Therefore, you can reduce the commission to almost zero. 


Exchange Token NMX

The NMX token supports the Nominex system and helps to get the maximum bonuses from working with the exchange. For example, if you are a trader, you will need a token for:

  • reducing trading commissions by 50% when paying with NMX tokens;
  • maximum reduction of trading commissions with a certain amount of NMX on the account;
  • participating in daily sweepstakes and receiving prizes.

And if you are a partner of the exchange, you will need it for:

  • increasing in rewards for the partner program;
  • receiving rewards from NMX purchases of its partner structure;
  • getting +10% to partner payouts in NMX.


Training in Crypto Trading on Nominex

  • Problem: Trading is difficult for new users.
  • Solution: Nominex has developed a user-friendly "Knowledge Base" and online chat support. Various educational programs mixed with gamification are designed to help users of any level understand cryptocurrency trading. The program consists of 10 video tutorials. It is aimed at covering both basic things about cryptocurrency, and more advanced ones — risk management, technical analysis, market indices, and more. The training is accompanied by exams and a reward in the form of USDT for successful completion of the course.

The user can improve the skills on a demo account after completing the training. He will not lose his money when making basic mistakes.

Daily tournaments on demo accounts are a great opportunity to improve the skills and start trading from scratch for beginners.


Tournaments and Demo Tournaments

The tournament function helps traders earn and receive additional NMX tokens. The user needs to click on the "Participate in the tournament" button and make a trading volume of 500 USDT within 24 hours to become a participant in the tournament.

The trader with the highest trading volume and the highest ROI gets first place in the tournament. That is, if you are not the first in terms of volume, you can become the first thanks to the highest percentage of profit among the rest.

Demo tournaments allow you to trade not your assets, but to receive real prizes. So for example, the demo tournament ended on February 4. Its winner received 1120 USDT. A beginner can start trading on a real account after winning such a tournament.

The benefit of this is that a novice trader learns by making mistakes on a demo account and earns money, which he can withdraw to his wallet later.


Nominex Partner Program 

  • Problem: Affiliate program schemes are based on poor-quality or outdated models.
  • Solution: Nominex has developed a binary affiliate program with various types of rewards and the ability to receive bonuses from unlimited referral levels. For example, the number of such levels can be 1,000,000. 

nominex partner program

  • Basic information about the partner program:

    1. The unlimited number of partner levels.
    2. Binary structure: the first referral level consists of 2 people, the next level –of 4, the next – of 8, etc.
    3. Various types of partner bonuses: for recommendation, team, leadership, for achievements, for helping the team, for a quick start.
    4. Anyone can become a partner: a trader, a blogger, a leader, a webmaster, an active user, and even a doctor.

    Nominex has prepared a video where you can find out all the necessary information: 


User Support

According to user reviews, Nominex has "a fast and friendly support system that helps solve problems." The customer support service is available around the clock. Its staff will help you even if you write at 3 am. You can contact it via live chat using the icon in the lower right corner. They respond in many languages.


User Reviews 

The exchange's rating is 4.6 out of 5 on the international review resource TrustPilot. The rating is 4.5 out of 5 on the Revain resource.

nominex trustpilot rating

Service Revain

nominex revain rating

Most reviews contain the following messages:

  • User-friendly and intuitive interface;
  • Cool gamification and weekly prize draws;
  • Fast deposits and withdrawals;
  • interesting opportunities for earning money: tournaments, referral program, bonuses;
  • The ability to learn how to trade using a demo account.

Only rare comments that "you could make the commission even less" or that "the support is not coping" are found among the negative reviews. 



Nominex is a young exchange that attracts users with numerous bonuses and more sophisticated systems of commission discounts, a complex referral system, and daily tournaments with real prizes in USDT. 

It is possible to create a classic market, limit and stop orders, as well as advanced types of orders on the platform. The user can engage in trading or investing in a more comfortable environment thanks to them.

40 trading pairs are traded on the Nominex exchange. There are all popular crypto assets, the ability to work with fiat currencies and perform fiat transactions through bank cards such as Visa and MasterCard here. 

Thousands of users use the platform. Nominex exchange successfully competes with top exchanges due to a more sophisticated device. 

If you want to develop as a trader or invest in cryptocurrencies, you can do it on more favorable terms on this platform.