Z-enemy 1.24 - the second big miner optimization for Nvidia RTX2XXX video cards

z-enemyThe Z-enemy multi-miner for Nvidia video cards in the previous version 1.23 was for the first time able to offer optimized miner code for a new generation of Nvidia Turing video cards. In version 1.23, developers assured of a significant increase in the hashrate for these cards on all supported algorithms from 10-20%, although in fact the performance of video cards in mining has risen by 5% and in rare cases by 10%. This time, in version 1.24, Z-enemy also showed a significant increase for RTX2xxx video cards, but unfortunately no quality indicators were indicated in percentages or in hashes. There is also no information on the forums, which developers call the threshold for increasing productivity as "Massive performance boost". Pascal GTX1xxx video card owners have not forgotten in this version, they are also promised a slight increase in hashrate on SKUNK, PHI, Polytimos, X16r, X16s, HEX, Trebus algorithms. Various versions of the miner under Windows and Linux are available for download on the Bitcointalk forum.