WildRig Multi 0.13.3 - added X18, Dedal and Aergo algorithms, mining optimization on other algorithms

WildRig Multi multiminer for AMD video cards has been updated to version 0.13.3. Starting from version 0.12.9, the miner has got support for new mining algorithms - X18, Dedal and Aergo. Also during this time, performance has been improved for algorithms X16, X17, HEX and X22i. Today WildRig Multi supports 21 different mining algorithms on video cards starting from R9 290 and newer. WildRig algo 0.13.3 is currently available only for Windows. The previous version 0.13.2 without the support of the Dedal algorithm can be downloaded for Windows, Linux and HiveOS. Download miner WildRig Multi on the Bitcointalk forum.