GRIN cryptocurrency - list of available miners and pools

The new GRIN cryptocurrency attracted attention by the fact that it is the classic POW cryptocurrency without a pre-mine, without Founders Reward , masternodes, POS and ICO. And the comic name brings even closer to such a bright representative of Dogecoin, from 2013. Unlike the Dogecoin cryptocurrency, GRIN does not imply a decrease in the block reward over time, i.e. Now for each block, miners are given 60 GRIN coins, and this value will be constant. Thus the offer of coins will not be limited as it is made for Bitcoin at 21 million coins. The mining algorithm for GRIN was chosen by Coocko Circle, as in Merit and BITC, but with different parameters (Coockaroo29), which is why the designed miners for MERIT and BITC are not suitable.


The popular miner zjazz under Coocko Circle (Merit and BITC) has not yet received GRIN support, so we’ll look at other available options:

  • GrinMiner is the official software from the developers of GRIN cryptocurrency open source, with no fees, but compiled only for Linux and MacOS. Supports AMD and Nvidia
  • GrinGoldMiner - miner with a commission of 2%, supports Nvidia and AMD video cards with video memory of at least 8GB. There are two versions under WIndows and Linux.
  • GrinPro Miner is the second alternative Windows miner with a 2% commission. Also supports AMD, Nvidia video cards with video memory of at least 8Gb.
  • NBMineris a closed miner with support for Nvidia video cards only under Windows and Linux OS.
  • Bminer - closed miner with a 2% commission for AMD and Nvidia with experimental support for mining GRIN

From the existing pools at the moment we found only two GRIN mining pools:

  1. - 235Gh / s, official pool.
  2. - 77.3GH / s
  4. - 47GH/s

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