WildRig Multi 0.30.1 - Raptoreum mining on video cards

wildrig multi mining raptoreum on video cards

With the release of new version of WildRig Multi 0.30.1miner it became possible to mine Raptoreum cryptocurrency on video cards. But since Raptoreum (RTM) uses the GhostRider algorithm, which is protected from mining on video cards and asics, so video cards with higher power consumption and price show much lower hash rate compared to CPUs. The hash rate of GhostRider-based graphics cards: GTX1070 - 660H/s, RTX3060 - 1200H/s, Vega 64 - 1570H/s. To compare processor hash rates, check out this article. Calculate income from Raptoreum mining in profit-mine.com calculator, and sell mined coins on dex-trade.com exchange.