XMRig 5.1.0 - increased hashrate of the CPU on the RandomX algorithm (Monero)

xmrig-510 randomx mining hashrate cpuThe Monero hard fork  on November 30 and the change of the mining algorithm to RandomX made significant changes among miners, as with Monero, all video cards and ASICs had to leave, and they were replaced by the CPU again. In the first days after the hard fork, owners of powerful modern central processors, especially Ryzen, were able to get significant income from their CPU. Although the income from the CPU has significantly decreased compared with the first days, it still remains relevant. Actually this is why the developers of the XMRig miner released a new version 5.1.0 in which the performance of intel processors was increased by 6-7% for the RandomX algorithm and by 2-3% for AMD processors. In addition to RandomX, a similar increase in hashrate  mining algorithms based on RandomX: RandomXL, RandomARQ, RandomWOW. Recall that for effective mining Monero processors must have at least 2Mb of memory cache per thread. Download XMRIG on GitHub.