FPGA miner Hash Altcoin Blackminer F1 Mini

About the company Hash Altcoin, which produces miners on FPGA chips, we previously wrote when the production version of Blackminer F1+ was introduced. If the previous FPGA miner is designed more for industrial use, the new product called Blackminer F1 Mini is more suitable for home conditions. because for the cooling system, you can use a variety of ready-made solutions for Intel processors under LGA 115X socket. This approach will allow you to maintain in the room comfortable acoustic living parameters, which cannot be said about his older brother, Blackminer F1 +. Mini version is sold for only 179 USD, but without power supply and cooling system, which would reduce the cost of delivery. You can purchase all missing items in any computer accessories shop.


 Technical characteristics of Hash Altcoin Blackminer F1 Mini:

 Algorithm: programmable logic (14 algorithms available)

Hashrate: see table below

Power Consumption: 50W 12V

Energy Efficiency: see table

Noise: -Db

Price: 179USD

Dimensions: 13x11x2,1mm

Weight: 0.136kg and 0.5kg per pack

Delivery Date: May 5, 2019

 Mining algorithms available on the Blackminer F1 Mini fpg

Algorithm Hashrate
Lyra2z 5,1MH/s
Skeincoin 420MH/s
Lyra2Rev2 18MH/s
PHI1612 26MH/s
Tribus 244MH/s
Nexus 210MH/s
0xBTC 1,95 GH/s
Keccakc 2,18 GH/s
Keccakd 2,18 GH/s
Amoveo 4,59 GH/s
Veriblock 1,0 GH/s
Verus2 22,8Mh/s
bcd 15,4 MH/s
Lyra2Rev3 20Mh/s

According to the manufacturer, the Blackminer F1 Mini will support all the algorithms available for older versions while the Mini version has similar or even slightly better energy efficiency.

For more information on FPGA miner Blackminer F1 mini, please visit Hashaltcoin.com