NebuTech NBminer 21.4 - improved performance for Grin29, Grin31 and Aeternity

The latest version of NBminer from NebuTech improved the performance of Nvidia video cards for the algorithm Cuckatoo31 or GRIN31. For the Cuckaroo29 and Cuckoo Circle algorithms or GRIN29 and Aeternity, the improved performance is also announced, but only for the latest generation of Nvidia video cards - RTX. GRIN 29 requires a video card with 5GB of video memory (Windows 7 and Linux) or 8 for Windows 10. Grin31 needs 8GB or 10GB of video memory, respectively. The commission for these algorithms in the miner is at the 2% level. The performance of the miner on the GRIN29 algorithm: GTX1070Ti - 4.9, GTX1080Ti - 7.5, RTX2080-7.7. For the GRIN31 algorithm: GTX1070Ti-0.94, GTX1080Ti - 1.48, RTX2080 - 1.65. In addition to the mining algorithms already mentioned, NBminer supports Tensority, ETHash and dual mining algorithms, i.e. Ethash + Tensority. Download version 21.4 of NBminer on GitHub