Geforce RTX Super - mining performance forecast for the updated line of Nvidia video cards

nvidia_geforce_rtx_super_mining_hashrateOn July 2, 2019, Nvidia announced an updated line of its RTX video cards with the SUPER prefix: RTX2060 Super, RTX2070 Super, RTX2080 Super. The slightly improved performance on the same 12nm process technology does not give rise to drastically new advantages over last year’s RTX cards. The main advantage of the new line is the starting price, which, together with the increased performance, will give miners a shorter payback period when using this equipment in cryptocurrency mining. The novelty will be on sale only in a week on July 9, 2019, so the real tests in the mining of Super RTX video cards from Nvidia are not yet available. In this connection, we will compare the technical characteristics of different models of RTX video cards and try to mathematically try to predict the hashrate of new products on popular mining algorithms.

Specifications for Nvidia GeForce RTX20x0 2019 generation graphics cards.

Specifications RTX2060 RTX2060S RTX2070 RTX2070S RTX2080 RTX2080S RTX2080ti
Release date 07.01.2019 09.07.2019 20.10.2018 09.07.2019 20.09.2018 23.07.2019 20.09.2018
Frequency GPU (BOOST) MHz 1365 (1680) 1470 (1650) 1410(1620) 1605 (1770) 1515 (1734) 1650 (1815) 1350(1545)
Cuda Cores 1920 2176 2304 2560 2944 3072 4352
GFLOPS FP32 6451 7181 (+11%) 7465 9062 (+21%) 10068 11150 (+11%) 13448
Memory 6Gb GDDR6 8Gb GDDR6 8GB GDDR6 8Gb GDDR6 8Gb GDDR6 8Gb GDDR6 11Gb GDDR6
Memory bus width 192bit 256bit 256bit 256bit 256bit 256bit 352bit
Total memory bandwidth 336Gbit/s 448Gbit/s (+33%)  448Gbit/s 448Gbit/s 448Gbit/s 496Gbit/s (+11%) 616Gbit/s
Power usage 160W 175W 175W 175W 215W 215W 250W
Announced price, USD 349 USD 400 USD 499 USD 499 USD 699 USD 699 USD 999 USD

Hashrate in mining of Nvidia Geforce RTX 20xx video cards on Ethash algorithms. X16r, GRIN29, Beam

Algorithm RTX2060 RTX2060S* RTX2070 RTX2070S* RTX2080 RTX2080S* RTX2080ti
Ethash 25-30Mh/s 42Mh/s 42Mh/S 42H/s 42H/s  46Mh/s 57H/s
X16r 26MH/s 27Mh/s 27Mh/s 29H/s 30Mh/s  32Mh/s 37Mh/s
GRIN29 6H/s 6,7 7,6H/s  8,4H/s 8,8H/s  9,4H/s 10H/s
Beam 26H/s 30H/s 32H/s  36H/S 41,5H/s  46H/S 56H/s

* Hashrate video cards with Super index is calculated and may not coincide with the real performance in mining.

It is worth noting that the 2070 Super and 2080 Super power consumption remained at the same level as the regular, less powerful versions of the RTX. From this we can conclude that in the mining, the energy efficiency of new products will be 10-15% better. The 2060 Super power consumption has increased by 10W from 165 to 175W, which is likely due to an increase in memory from 6Gb to 8Gb and a more advanced GPU supporting 256-bit data bus for memory.