NERD Miner T Display S3 - a mini Bitcoin ASIC or an excellent gift for a miner

nerd miner bitcoin asicIf you're in search of a great gift for someone passionate about Bitcoin mining or just a miner, we suggest taking a look at an intriguing gadget called NERD Miner T Display S3. NERD Miner is an ARM microcomputer compatible with Arduino, featuring 16MB Flash memory and 8MB RAM, combined in a single housing with a 1.9-inch color screen and a total power consumption of 1 watt. Despite its modest technical specifications, this microcomputer, when connected via USB, can not only display the status and price of the Bitcoin network but also function as a full-fledged cryptocurrency mining device for Bitcoin.

Expecting a high hash rate (mining speed) from a device with only 1 watt of power and a universal ARM processor is not realistic. And you would be correct because the hash rate of NERD Miner T Display S3 on the SHA-256 algorithm is only 56KH/s. For comparison, the latest-generation specialized Bitcoin mining device, Antminer S21, has a hash rate of 200TH/s, roughly 3.5 million times greater. However, this ASIC miner consumes 3500W, produces significant noise, and costs around 3000 USD, which may be a bit expensive for a gift.

In contrast, NERD Miner T Display S3 has a budget-friendly cost of around 40 USD, compact dimensions, and can be connected to any computer or USB charger. It provides useful information for the miner, including the Bitcoin network hash rate, network difficulty, Bitcoin price, block number, transaction fee, and time.


nerd miner bitcoin network gift

Due to the very low hash rate of 56KH/s, expecting significant earnings from mining in a common pool is not advisable. The income from mining on such a device would be less than 1 USD for an entire year of mining. Therefore, even the manufacturer refers to their product as a Bitcoin mining Lottery.

The essence of this lottery is to connect the miner not to a common pool but to a solo pool. In other words, the owner of this mini ASIC has a slim chance of independently mining a block in the Bitcoin network and winning a reward of 6.25 BTC or 237,000 USD at the current exchange rate. Although this seems unlikely, news regularly emerges about individuals with small hash rates finding Bitcoin blocks.

In conclusion, NERD Miner T Display S3 can be considered as a gift or for personal use as an informational display with Bitcoin network data and as a luck tester. If your NERD Miner successfully mines a block in the Bitcoin blockchain, you are indeed very lucky.

You can purchase NERD Miner T Display S3 on for approximately 40 USD.