MiniZ 1.5t - hashrate for Equihash algorithms increased from 2% to 8%

miniz 1.5tMiner MiniZ offers one of the best performance Nvidia graphics cards on various variations of the Equihash algorithm. With the next 1.5t update, MiniZ pulled up the hash speed of Nvidia's graphics cards a bit more. For Equihash algorithms 150.5 and 210.9, the increase was 4%, for Equihash 192.7, an increase of 8%, but only for RTX2070 and GTX1660ti video cards. For all other supported algorithms (Equihash 96.5, 144.5, 125.4, 150.3), the hash increase was 2%. The miner is available for Linux and Windows, the commission for use is 2%. You can download MiniZ 1.5t on the official website of See the image below for the hashrate of video cards on all algorithms:

miniz 115t hashrates