AMD Radeon RX5700 mining test with WildRigMulti 0.19.0

rx5700_mining_test_wildrigmulti_0190Miner WildRigMulti in version 0.19 received support for a new generation of AMD video cards - the Radeon RX5700 and RX5700XT. Because at the moment it is the only miner that is optimized to work with the new AMD GPU architecture - RDNA, so everyone will be interested to know what results the miner managed to achieve from the RX5700 video cards. Recall that the AMD RX5700 and RX5700XT video cards on all current miners showed mining performance worse than the RX580, and on some algorithms the RX5700 showed very low results.

More details about the first mining test in AMD Radeon RX5700XT can be found here.

With the release of miners optimized for the RDNA architecture, the novelties should show themselves in full force. What we will try to learn with the help of AMD Radeon RX5700 graphics card and miner WildRigMulti 0.19.0.

Unfortunately at this time in the miner, support for the RX5700 video card is implemented not for all mining algorithms, but only for 8 algorithms:


  • blake2b-btcc
  • blake2b-glt
  • blake2s
  • bmw512
  • lyra2v2
  • lyra2v3
  • lyra2vc0ban
  • skein2

But even such a modest set will allow us to fully appreciate the potential of new AMD video cards in mining cryptocurrency.

Algorithm Miner Hashrate Overclock Power
Blake2b Wildrig Multi 0.19.0 2GH/s 1750 Core (1.018mV) / Mem 875 (850mV) 125W
Blake2s Wildrig Multi 0.19.0 4,1GH/s 1750 Core (1.018mV) / Mem 875 (850mV) 122W
BMW512 Wildrig Multi 0.19.0 1,05GH/s 1750 Core (1.018mV) / Mem 875 (850mV) 125W
Lyra2Rev2 Wildrig Multi 0.19.0 60 MH/s 1750 Core (1.018mV) / Mem 875 (850mV) 136W
Lyra2Rev3 Wildrig Multi 0.19.0 67MH/s 1750 Core (1.018mV) / Mem 875 (850mV) 140W
Lyra2vC0ban Wildrig Multi 0.19.0 54,5MH/s 1750 Core (1.018mV) / Mem 875 (850mV) 133W

Using an optimized miner WildRigMulti 0.19.0, the AMD Radeon RX5700 graphics card (without XT) shows mining results at Vega 64 or even slightly higher, but the card’s power consumption is 40-50% lower. This is only the first iteration of the miners for the RDNA architecture, so in the future it is worth waiting for expanding the list of supported algorithms and further improving the performance of the RX5700 video cards in mining.

 You can already see the profitability of mining on the RX5700 video card on the website calculator