AMD VEGA 20 - first game tests

7nm gpu vega 20 amd launchI think many have already heard about the work of AMD on a new generation of VEGA 20 GPUs using the new technical process in 7nm. Since the previous implementation, called VEGA 10, proved not to be at its best (mediocre performance and high power consumption), it is quite possible to believe the incoming information that VEGA 20 will be the same chip with minor modifications but with a more advanced technical process, which at least can be reduced VEGA 20 power consumption. Especially since AMD uses this practice time and again for its more “popular” GPUs. So it was with the video cards R9 7970-280-380 and RX 480-580-590.

If the performance of the GPU itself can remain at the level of its predecessor VEGA 10, then the memory subsystem is promised to be seriously improved by increasing the memory bus width twice from 2048 bits to 4096 bits. In other words, the memory bandwidth on the Vega 20 will also be twice as high and will approach the value of 1 Tbit/s. Something similar AMD has already released under the brand Radeon Fury, which also shone with its performance with memory, but this decision failed to win the love of gamers. At the moment, the Radeon R9 Fury graphics card in game modes and in many mining algorithms corresponds to its more advanced opponent Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070.

If we compare Fury and Vega 64, then there is a lot in common between them: the same number of texture units 256 and stream processors 4096 and even the memory bandwidth is about 500 Gbit/s. All that distinguishes them is a more perfect process: 14nm instead of 28nm and the use of HBM2 memory instead of HBM.

vega 20

If we recall once again that AMD likes to produce essentially the same product three times (R9 7970-280-380 and RX 480-580-590), then all the available information on VEGA 20 looks quite logical today. And the recipe is the same: to reduce the GPU process, add frequencies and conjure a little with memory. Moreover, the test of working samples of VEGA 20 video cards that has recently leaked out again confirms all our arguments.

The graph below shows the test results of VEGA 20, code-named 66AF: C1 in the Final Fantasy XV benchmark.

 AMD Vega 20 benchmark final fantasy xv fullhd

AMD Vega 20 benchmark final fantasy xv UHD 4k

As you can see, the performance in the games of the future VEGA remains approximately at the same level between the GTX1070 and GTX1080, just like in the current implementation of VEGA 64.

Of course, you can make a discount on raw drivers or the minimum operating frequencies of the test sample, but I think you should not expect a dramatic increase in FPS of VEGA 20 relative to VEGA 64.

 About this actually says another leak that gaming cards under the brand Radeon RX, this GPU will not get, because Vega 20 will be sold only under the brand name Radeon Instinct for industrial use in computing servers.

If for gamers to use such a solution is rather doubtful, then miners, especially followers of Ethereum and Monero, can appreciate this novelty, but everything will again depend on the price, which does not seem to be the most pleasant.

Judging by the number of leaks, it is not long to wait for the next "Radeon R9 Fury" to appear.