Quantum (QRL) - another project work on RandomX mining algorithm

Quantum (QRL) - another project worked on RandomX mining algorithmQuantum is another cryptocurrency project that has recently been successfully transferred to RandomX as a mining algorithm. Quantum was originally mined using the CryptoNight algorithm. Now, after a hard fork on RandomX, it is recommended to mine Quantum on a central processing unit (CPU), because despite the availability of GPU miners, the performance of mining on the RandomX algorithm, especially with the latest AMD Ryzen processors, is much higher in terms of performance and energy efficiency compared to GPUs . Of course, in addition to the transition to a new mining algorithm, the latest fork fork brings Quantum to the project with additional new functionality, which you can familiarize yourself with if you wish. Several miners are currently available for Quantum mining, such as XMRig, SRBMiner-MULTI, XMR-Stak-RX. If you are looking for the exchange on which QRL is traded, then Bittrex will probably suit you, although it does not have the largest trading volumes.