Binance Pool will give out 1000 BNB (16,700 USD) to miners from May 16 to May 29, 2020

binance pool win bnb rewardAt the end of April 2020, the Binance cryptocurrency exchange launched its own Bitcoin pool for miners, which currently does not charge a fee for mining and combines other financial services (trading, stacking, cryptocurrency cashing, and others) in one place.


On May 16, the Binance pool launched another campaign for miners in which it will distribute 1000 BNB or 16700 USD in equal shares between miners, which will fulfill the following conditions: register and pass verification on the Binance exchange to Tier2, the average miner hash should be at least 500TH/s in the period from May 16 to May 29, 2020. The average hash is calculated by the formula: Average daily hash = Total sum of daily hash for the period of activity / number of days of activity. Those. it is not necessary to be connected to the Binance pool all days of the promotion if your hashrate is significantly higher than the required 500TH/s. The Binance Pool service can be found in the Finance menu of the exchange. For reference, 500TH/s is 5 ASIC miners of the latest generation Antminer S19 Pro or 36 popular, but obsolete ASIC miners Antminer S9.