SRBMiner Multi CPU and AMD GPU 5.1 - added 8 new mining algorithms

srbminer multi cpu gpuIn the last two updates v0.5.0 and v0.5.1 SRBMiner Multi acquired support for 8 new mining algorithms at once: CryptohightCCX, CryptonightXHV, CryptonightCPU, CryptonightUPX, CryptonightHEAVYX, Argon2d Chukwa, Argon2d Dynamic. At the same time, mining on modifications of the Cryptonight algorithm is possible not only on the CPU, but also on the AMD GPU starting from the Radeon R9 380 models. Starting from version 5, simultaneous mining of 4 algorithms at once using one miner is available. Those. You can configure SRBminer so that different video cards and CPUs run on different algorithms. If one of the algorithms becomes unavailable during mining, the video card or processor will automatically switch to a different algorithm with which other devices from this mining rig work. Those. SRBMiner allows you to flexibly configure your mining rig for different tasks if it consists of different video cards or you just want to simultaneously mine different cryptocurrencies on one rig. We did not find information on the size of the miner's commission, it is only indicated that the commission depends on the selected algorithm. You can download the latest version of SRBminer Multi from GitHub.